Wedding Dress Guide

For many years, full-figured women thought that hiding themselves in layers upon layers of fabric or wearing nothing but black are just about the choices they had in dressing up.

As such, they totally had no confidence in wearing anything else until such time different fashion brands started selling plus size clothing UK. Today, knowing what works on your body and with a little creativity, anyone regardless of size can dress in style.


The first item to invest in to start your plus size clothing UK is an undergarment. Plus size women particularly are well endowed so a correctly fitted bra is necessary. The tummy can even be made to appear smaller by wearing a control top or panties. Wearing the appropriate under garment would definitely help in making the clothes fit right.

In the hope of hiding trouble spots, many women opt to wear clothes that are often way too loose. While this certainly works in hiding the problem areas, it also prevents drawing attention to one’s other assets. You should also consider what it is in your body that you may want to highlight and then choose an outfit that can draw attention to it.

People will then be too busy focusing on your assets that they will not notice your flaws. Using accessories like waist trainers can also help in drawing attention to what you want to highlight. For example, you can wear a long necklace to draw attention to a sexy bosom.

Another mistake by plus size women is limiting their wardrobe to the color black. A monochromatic outfit may be as slimming as a black one. It is about time to bring excitement to your wardrobe because bigger women have more sources for plus size clothing in the UK which has limitless designs and colors.

There are instances however, when your search for the perfect fit of a particular design you want is in vain. You have the option of having the attire altered to the correct fit or having it custom made all together. This way, the outfit will fit and look perfectly on you.

Remember that different brands might have different sizes and in order to make sure that the outfit you are purchasing has the correct size, you simply have to look at the size chart of the particular brand. This will prevent a lot of hassle and disappointment of receiving an incorrectly sized order.

Weddings are always wonderful events that are meant to be very special. However, the bride may often be stressed out and she may forget some essential things on her list such as her bridal lingerie.

boudoir-lingerie1If you have a friend or co-worker who’s about to get married then do her a favor by giving her a gift of a lifetime and that is boudoir lingerie   As the gift giver you should be able to ascertain a bride’s character and personality in order to give her the perfect set of boudoir lingerie.

Boudoir lingerie is commonly available in black and features French lace which is perfect for intimate moments. Skimpy bikinis as well as thong lace panties are very popular choices of boudoir lingerie that exude a seductive and naughty appeal.

These are great gifts that you can give to a bride especially if she’s too shy to buy one for herself. Undergarments like this never fail to attract a man’s attention and in fact there are already men nowadays who buy boudoir lingerie as a gift for their spouse or girlfriend.

Women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from boudoir lingerie as many undergarment manufacturers nowadays offer a wide array of designs and styles.

A plus size bride can still enjoy that sexy and seductive feel of these intimate lingerie sets as there are various styles to choose from that will go well with their body shape and contours. Thongs and fishnet panties are not only meant for slim women as there are also plus size versions that can be purchased these days.


Boudoir lingerie is a largely acceptable wedding gift on the girls’ night out just before a wedding or during bridal showers. It never fails to elicit delightful shrieks from the women audience around.

It adds a naughty touch to the pre-wedding atmosphere which should make it a very memorable event for the lady attendees and especially for the bride.

Some brides will even arrange for a special photo shoot which is meant as a gift for her groom. This is what they refer to as boudoir photography that entails a woman to pose in boudoir lingerie. The shots are artistic and creative which are sure to surprise a man.

There are now a number of photography shops that specialize in boudoir photography and if a bride relishes the idea then be sure to shop and ask around for the best rates and a high-quality portfolio of previous works and clients.

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