The Comeback of Fur Clothing

The Comeback of Fur Clothing

There was a time in the world of fashion wherein fur was exiled and suddenly no one was seen wearing it anymore. As time progressed, fur clothing has made its way back to being in trend and is presently in demand again.

The reason for the obliteration of fur from the fashion world is because of the movements that were built against it started to make themselves rampant and made sure that their voices were perfectly heard. But at the present time, those who have previously were the faces of anti-fur campaigns are back to promoting fur.

Fur clothing such as fur jackets have become very prevalent in the fashion shows of prestigious fashion weeks in the past year. A lot have said that fur has definitely made its comeback.

Designers in recent fashion weeks flaunted their lines for the current season using fur clothing such as fur jackets and coats. The reactions of people regarding this was highly dichotomized and split into two; others were highly pleased with and others were highly disgusted with it.


Fashion designers like Stella Mccartney has shared her reaction and spoke in behalf of anti-fur organizations, saying that making clothes out of dead animals is not cool at all and that it should be abolished completely. People who think that it is cool to wear such clothing are wrong about the idea that they think it is fashionable.


Although a lot of people are still against it today, the number of people who are for it is starting to increase again. Fur clothing, such as fur jackets is more expensive than conventional clothing because of the origin and the material it is made of. People have different reasons as to why they like buying fur clothing. Some buy it because they are fashionable; some buy it because of its use. Whatever reason consumers have prior to buying fur clothing, it all boils down to the fact that people are willing enough to shell out a big amount of money just to own fur clothing.

Fur clothing can be purchased in a lot of stores nowadays, whether it is in a department store or individual retailers. Fur clothing can also be purchased online, which is commonly done by consumers who don’t have the time to visit an actual retail store.

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