The Most Awaited Designer Dresses

The Most Awaited Designer Dresses

There are two most awaited designer’s dresses that a woman could wait for. The first is when she reaches her 18th year of age and the second is when she is about to say her vows.

In this article, there are two aspects of designer’s dresses to consider:

The different types of body shapes and different styles for wedding dresses.

  • The different types of body shapes are the inverted triangle, rectangle, apple, pear, and hour glass.
  • The different styles of wedding dresses are the mermaid or trumpet, the A-line or princess, the empire, the sheath or column, and the ball gown.


The designer’s dresses idea revolves around the aim to make the wedding dresses appear more beautiful when worn by a woman. The inverted triangle shape means you have broader shoulder and slender hips. This kind of figure is for an A-line or ball gown.

The rectangle shape has a balanced shape both for upper lower body parts just like an athlete has. The shoulder and the hips are almost the same in shape while the waist is indefinite in measure. This shape matches the sheath, empire, A-line, ball gown, and mermaid too.


The apple is a well-rounded style from the top to the bottom part of the body. This is good for empire and ball gown. The pear has a narrow shoulder and curvy hips. It is more gorgeous for empire, A-line, and ball gown.

The hourglass is the most desirable body shape because the shoulder and hips is on the same in width and a sexy waist.  This is perfect for the sheath, A-line, ball gown, dropped waistline, and mermaid.


The designer’s dresses consider the aesthetic value of wedding dresses style to be an important element for each and everybody type. The mermaid or trumpet is fit for curvy hips to be more emphasized. This is decent for rectangle shapes and hour glass.

The A-line helps to show off the top and the middle body parts. This is made for the hourglass, inverted, pear rectangle, and triangle.

The empire wedding dress is for any type of the body, suiting many body types. It is for the inverted triangle, apple, pear, and hour glass. The sheath or column has a consistent opening size from the shoulder down to the ankle.

This is seamless for rectangle and hour glass. The ball gown is the most fanciful kind with the petticoat underneath that makes it look like a ball. It is tailored for pear, hour glass, inverted triangle, rectangle, and / or apple body types.

Debut and wedding gowns, among the most awaited designer’s dresses, are really worth the wait.You can find many beautiful dresses to enter these wonderful milestones in your life.

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